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21 Tips and Tricks for your House move

Here at Apex Self Storage we’ve seen our fair share of movers, we understand how stressful it is! The excitement of finally finding a new home can be quickly tainted as soon as the monolith task of sorting, organising, packing and moving dawns upon you. We have compiled this list of our favourite packing tips and tricks to help with your big move!

  1. The first golden rule: if you haven’t used it for the last 6 months, get rid!


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  1. Help keep some organisation amongst the chaos and save some time on the other side. Sort your cutlery and utensils into categories, wrap each type with an elastic band (or hair bobble), put them all in a shoe box and tape it up.
  2. Create an arrival day pack with some disposable cups, plates and cutlery. You’ll thank yourself later when you’ve finished hauling and all you want is something to eat!
  3. Donate any unused food to a local foodbank, one less thing for you to carry and will help someone in need (check guidelines). Check the Greater Together Manchester website for your closest foodbank
  4. Use multiple medium storage boxes rather than a couple of large ones – dishware and appliances can be weighty and you don’t want to risk any box breakages!
  5. Got any open sauce jars and bottles you want to take with you? Put a sheet of clingfilm over the opening and screw the lid on top, this will create a seal and stop it from leaking (this will be useful for any toiletries too).


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  1. As with the kitchen, prepare a first night pack with your toothbrush, toothpaste, some shampoo, soap, a towel and some loo roll. You’ll be able to have a hot shower without having to sift through all your boxes.
  2. Line the bottom of your boxes with your towels, it saves space for clothes in your suitcases, acts as extra padding for any fragile items such as perfume bottles, soap dishes or toothbrush holders and keeps them organised with the bathroom stuff.
  3. Cover glass mirrors in a custom shaped piece of corrugated paper first, then wrap in a layer of bubble wrap for extra protection.
  4. Ditch the toilet brush, the shower curtain, that dried up bar of soap & anything else that can be inexpensively replaced. They harbour bacteria and it gives you more of an excuse to redesign your bathroom on the other side.


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  1. Pack the least used room first, this will act as makeshift storage for packed boxes and dismantled furniture until your move date.
  2. Sort through your clothes and donate anything you don’t wear anymore (remember the 6 month rule), there’s no use holding onto things that don’t fit you anymore, they take up space and put you under pressure to change yourself to fit into them again – unneeded stress. Love yourself and your tidy, up to date wardrobe!
  3. Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, seal them up in vacuum bags. Most people have 1 suitcase and plenty more clothes than will fit in it. Vacuum bags save space, protect your clothes and make them a lot easier to manoeuvre.
  4. Don’t empty drawers – keep the contents inside & wrap each drawer with some sheet plastic (like a dust cover), and slide them back in.
  5. See if you can rent a stair climbing sack truck, it will help protect your back when moving heavy items.
  6. Make sure you use a mattress cover bag, secured with sturdy tape. Mattresses are expensive and if they get damaged or dirty, you’ll have to fork out to get it cleaned before you can sleep on it!

Extra tips

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  1. Measure doors and hallways in your current place and your new home a few weeks before the move, this will allow time for you to make any preparations in dismantling furniture.
  2. Wrap your flat screen TV in bubble wrap and put it inside a TV box to protect it.
  3. When dismantling furniture, keep any screws, nuts & bolts in a sandwich bag with a label on.
  4. If you have pets, see if someone can look after them on moving day, they may become stressed and run away with so much disruption in their home. If that isn’t an option, try keeping them in a quiet room with the door closed and some of their favourite toys & treats. Keep them with you in a comfy crate in your car during transportation.
  5. Get a storage unit – you can gradually put things in storage as you pack them to keep your house as clutter free as possible, allowing you to clean your property and keep your living space as stress free as possible.

Apex Self Storage are here to help – with 8 sites across Greater Manchester, we can provide you with a storage unit suitable for your needs, a van & driver and offer a wide range of packaging to assist your move. Give us a call today on 0161 696 6917.