Forget Me Not Buddies

Forget Me Not Buddies

Apex helps local Dementia Support Group

Forget-Me-Not Buddies (Tameside)

Forget- Me-Not Buddies is a local group for Carers, Persons living with Dementia and family members whose lives are affected by a diagnosis of Dementia within their family. The group which is self-funding is run by Carers and Volunteers
and offers contact, support and a framework for people to regularly meet up with other Carers and Persons living with dementia in a safe and social environment, along with planning and subsidising events and outings.
Weekly social meetings are held each Monday between 1pm and 3pm at
Denton Methodist Church Hall, Hyde Road, Denton M34 3AQ

The group rely totally on donations and fundraise throughout the year. Part of the fundraising is in the form of Table Top Sales, raffles and Car Boot Sales – to enable this, items need to be collected throughout the year. Recently the organisers found themselves with a storage problem for their donated items and approached Apex General Manager – Alistair Johnson – with their predicament.

Alistair has allowed the group to store some boxes at the Apex Sport City site which has a large ‘Bulk’ storage area – and has agreed that the group will not be charged for the pallet area they have taken.

Roy Bate, Treasurer and Founding Member of the Buddies said he can’t thank Mr Johnson enough for the support and assistance that Apex has offered to the group.