A rise in theft of tools from vans

A rise in theft of tools

Over recent years there has been a dramatic rise in theft of tools from vans – the total value of theft claims processed by Simply Business has increased from just over £1.9 million in 2015 to almost £2.8 million in 2016, reflecting the trade community’s growing concerns over the safety of their equipment with Manchester being one of the top 10 cities claiming.

And this figure doesn’t account for the time it takes to replace tools, and time spent away from the usual working week, having to liaise with the police, insurers, and clients.

Thieves are using multiple methods that range from skeleton keys, key signal hacking, relay or the traditional smash and grab methods, stealing more valuable equipment, with the average tool theft claim value reaching £1,626 – a 40 per cent rise from the average in 2015.

A new craze in the UK called ‘peel and steal’ by the police, also known as ‘peek and seek’, is a technique thieves are using to steal tools and equipment from vans, the technique involves thieves grabbing the top of the van’s back or side doors with their fingers, putting their knees against the door and using their bodyweight to pull them down, revealing the contents inside. The majority of vans on the market are vulnerable to this type of van security breach. The concern is that van doors can be peeled down even when they are locked with this technique – and it can be done by anybody.

Extra costs after theft

It isn’t just the cost of replacing your tools that could impact you; insurance excess could be affected if you decide to make a claim, more importantly loss of income with no tools no work until the tools are replaced.

Why risk it? Store it

At Apex we offer complete peace of mind at a tiny cost, call us for a free friendly quotation today on 0161 696 6917 or visit our website on www.apexselfstorage.co.uk. You can move into one of our storages units today we offer flexible storage units and pay no deposit.

We offer highly secured storage units that are individually alarmed, CCTV and monitored intruder alarm systems.

We have 8 branches Manchester and Greater Manchester based Ardwick, Hulme, Sport City, Cheadle, Warrington, Glossop, Radcliffe and Congleton we can offer flexible storage you can stay just one week and have 24/7 access so you can remove your tools whenever you like.

Other benefits of storing with us

At all our branches we have trolleys to make loading or unloading your tools quick and easy, we also have options of drive up room access or on-site parking.

Something that will you will also hugely benefit from is that we can accept deliveries on your behalf meaning you can get on with running your business without waiting around for your stock to arrive.


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