Charity Food Banks Challenge with Apex Logo

Help people in need by storing at Apex Self Storage

The issue

According to the Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor 2020, there are 620,000 people across the city living in poverty. Of which, 200,000 children live in households with an income below the poverty line and, with an increase in food banks of 60% since 2017, it is a growing problem. This is a huge issue for Manchester and although there have been incredible efforts made over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic to highlight the problem – both nationally & locally, it continues to affect hundreds of families.

What we can do

At Apex we have been thinking about what we can do as a local business to help the people in our community and we have decided to make a pledge to use a portion of our profits to support families who are local to us.

For every new let we get across all 8 of our sites, we will be putting £1 into a pot. At the end of the month, everything we have saved up will be used to buy supplies that food banks are in desperate need of. This will then be delivered to the nominated food bank for that month and can be administered to the people that need it!

Based on our averages, this would equate to around £160 which could feed a family of 5 for a week.

The staff at each of our sites have kindly nominated a food bank that is close-by to them:

Manchester Central Foodbank – Part of the Trussell Trust Network, primarily serving the local community of Ardwick, Longsight, City Centre and parts of East Manchester. It was started up by a group of students from the Manchester Universities Catholic Chaplaincy and has been in operation since 2013.

Compassion Foodbank – Also started up in 2013, the Compassion Foodbank is located on Moss Lane East. The people running it provide a food source for people in need as well as a drop-in facility for ex-offenders and the wider community. Since opening, they have provided 2524 food parcels, feeding approximately 4864 people and providing at least 43,776 meals.

Droylsden District Foodbank – Another food bank that is part of the Trussell Trust Network. The people who run this facility serve the community of East Manchester, helping local people in crisis.

Trinity Food BankOriginally founded by Sister Joan in 2017. Now run collaboratively by Caritas, Trinity Baptist Church & Corrie Gardeners community group. Providing food to people in need from varying backgrounds and run solely by volunteers from the community. In the last 12 months, they have assisted 4070 adults & 2240 children and also assist with furniture & white goods.

Chelwood Foodbank PlusServing Stockport, the Chelwood Foodbank is independently run by a team of volunteers, allowing them to deliver their service in a truly holistic manner. However, it also means they are entirely reliant on the local community for donations.

Warrington FoodbankSupported by the Trussell Trust and Warrington Borough Council, the volunteers at the food bank provide 3 days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food, to those people who find themselves in food crisis situations.

The Storehouse – The Storehouse is a free food bank operated by New Life Church from the Danesford Community Centre for emergency or extreme hardship situations.

Tameside South & Longdendale Foodbank – This project was founded by Hattersley Baptist Church and supported by local churches and community groups. They provided over 22,860 meals last year – which was over 16 tonnes of food. It fed 2240 people including 1168 children.

These food banks will be visited on rotation, making sure that we are helping all the people who are close to us.