How to Use the Four Box Method to Declutter

Four Box Method: How to Declutter | Apex Self Storage

We are all guilty of enjoying a wardrobe full of options and a home full of clutter. Whether it’s jumpers and cardigans for winter or plenty of summer dresses and shorts, too many candles, or a lot of books, a cluttered home can be tough to maintain when lack of space becomes a greater struggle.

The four box method is a great way to get organised without having to say goodbye to your favourite things, and there are plenty of options to suit any preferences. In this article, we advise the four ways you can get your belongings in order.

A box for binning

Sometimes we hold onto old clothing or objects for sentimental reasons or perhaps even the fear of needing them someday should we get rid of them. With the four box method, it’s easier to get rid of items you truly no longer need because of the other organisation options – you don’t have to throw away half your wardrobe, but it might be time to say goodbye to the clothes you haven’t worn for five years.

A box for donating

Even though donating is technically still getting rid of your belongings, it feels much better knowing you are letting go of things that are going to a good cause. You can give your items a new lease of life to someone in need or will value it more than you perhaps did.

A box for keeping

You don’t have to get rid of everything you love. After donating and binning some of the pieces you no longer need, you will have more space to make a more informed decision about the items you decide to keep. As long as you have an amount of clothing you’re comfortable with, it will be less likely that you feel the need to keep everything.

A box for storing

While it’s great to have a spring clean every once in a while, self storage is the perfect way to separate your summer and winter wardrobe or declutter your home in general – making enough space that you might not need to get rid of anything! You can store however much you need, with many storage units offering different sizes and affordable options.

Make space with Apex Self Storage

Have you tried the four box method? As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to get organised and truly enjoy your home. Get in touch with us okay to learn more about how our self storage options can best suit your decluttering needs.