How to Preserve Keepsakes and Heirlooms with Self Storage

Heirloom Storage - How to Store with Self Storage | Apex Self Storage

Preserving keepsakes and heirlooms can be difficult when you want your belongings to remain in the best possible condition. Self storage is a great way to keep family heirloom items safe without damaging or losing them in the long run.

In this article, we uncover ways to protect keepsakes and heirlooms, keeping them in their best condition while preserving them in storage.

Determine their value

The most essential step before storage is determining the value of your heirlooms – this can help you judge how much care a particular item might need when stored for long periods.

Value can be measured in numerous ways, whether it’s a sentimental gift from a loved one or a rare collection of monetary value. Regardless of the reasoning, make sure to itemise everything in terms of value before you dive deeper into the process.

Handle with care

You need to handle any precious belongings to pack them, but remember that oils from your skin can affect many old, vintage materials. Wearing soft gloves can protect paintings, old furniture and photographs from harm when handling. Take the time to handle it with care without involving too many hands!

Use packing materials

Packing valuables requires the best protection if you want heirlooms to remain intact for years. For dated belongings, you will want to use delicate packing materials such as bubble wrap and tissue paper, carefully placed in cardboard boxes for added protection and away from pollution or harmful chemicals.

Label and date belongings

Every heirloom will have a special memory or story behind the physical item. Make sure to label each item with a narrative, date and any other important information you feel is crucial for the future. Not only will it be helpful, but it will also be heartwarming for future generations to realise the importance behind each belonging.

Preserve digital storage

In a world where everything is seen even greater than HD, it’s crucial to get those old family VHS tapes on DVD or USB before they perish. Make sure you also take the time to digitise and scan any old photographs. It’s easy to lose such delicate pieces, so make double copies!

Use self storage

With self storage, you can confidently keep your heirlooms safe in a secure and clean storage unit for however long you wish. Get in touch with us today to discover more about your options, prices and any questions you may have about heirloom storage before renting.