How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

Here at Apex Self Storage, we have numerous tips on how to pack a self storage unit and optimise the space you have. Click to read more.

When wondering how to pack a self storage unit, it is important to consider how you can maximise your space most efficiently. Self storage units are a great way to store your items safely without taking up space in your home.

It’s very easy to start putting boxes into your storage unit, but as time goes on and with the more stuff you accumulate, your storage space can become messy and packed without the right organisation in place. Along with the annoyance of mess, an untidy or packed storage space can cause dangerous safety issues such as fire or flood. 

Here at Apex Self Storage, we have numerous tips and tricks on how to pack a self storage unit and optimise the space you have.

Measure efficiently

Before deciding how to pack your self storage unit, you need to establish which size is best to accommodate your needs. Choosing a unit that is too small for the belongings you want to store will just end in a cramped disaster. When considering what the right amount of storage space might look like to you, remember the importance of having a clear walkway or aisle that offers access to your belongings with ease. 

Having a larger storage unit than you need might take the stress of maximising your space, but it will be less cost-effective and may encourage you to hoard items you could get rid of instead, just because you have the space spare.

Take a second look at your space

Regardless of the size of the storage you originally opt for, you need to think out of the box to make the most of the space you have. Piling boxes on top of one another might seem like the logical solution, but putting up storage shelves (if permitted) and utilising the height of the space would work better. It is important not to stack anything too high, though, as it could pose a safety risk.

Boxes instead of bags

While you might assume that vacuum-sealed bags offer the opportunity for more space in your unit, it’s not as easy to stack them as you can with boxes. Boxes are tidier, offer better protection for your belongings and are much sturdier – preparing them for years to come. Bags are at risk of splitting and can easily trap excess moisture, damaging your belongings inside.

Create a storage map

Even if you plan on leaving your storage untouched, it’s important to have a system or map in place that can help you trace where every item is and in what box. Label every box or shelf with its list of contents and keep note of each. You could opt to organise the unit in a particular way, with sections separating each type of item you store. Anything you require regular access to should be placed near the front of the storage walkway. It does not matter whatever methods you decide to use, as long as it works well for you and keeps the space tidy and organised.

Pack furniture in pieces and roll your clothes

If you are storing furniture, not only is it better to disassemble it to keep it in the best condition, it will also save much more space and make it easier to pack away. Make sure to remove any loose screws before packing. If you are storing clothing, it is better to roll them rather than fold them as it creates more space to store other items in the boxes. Rolled clothing will also stay wrinkle-free and ready to wear whenever you need to. 

Properly utilising the space you have in your storage unit will keep your belongings safe and in the best condition possible. After you put a plan in place you will be able to keep on top of all storage and know exactly where everything is. 

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