How to Prevent Hoarding in a Self Storage Unit

In this article, we discuss the disasters of hoarding and how to prevent hoarding in a self storage unit. Click to read more.

Hoarding is often seen on television and in magazines, but its true seriousness is not recognised enough. It’s more than collating several belongings. The debilitating illness, according to Hoarding Disorders UK, affects between 2.5% and 6% of the UK population.

A storage unit can help hoarders feel comfortable getting rid of the things they might not necessarily need at home without actually having to say goodbye just yet. The trouble is that for most hoarders, having the extra space means struggling with the need to fill it. In this article, we discuss the disasters of hoarding and how to prevent hoarding in a self storage unit. 

Why do people struggle with hoarding?

There are many reasons why people begin hoarding. The worry of needing something in the future or the potential possibility that something could be valuable after it’s gone can affect someone dealing with a hoarding disorder. 

While it is a disorder that can be caused by anything from childhood trauma to experiencing a divorce, hoarding affects people in similar ways but on different levels of severity. While a self storage unit can transform a hoarder’s home, they may accumulate more mess as they shift their belongings around.

How to prevent hoarding in a self storage unit

Here are the key steps to prevent hoarding in a self storage unit.

Organise your belongings before packing them away

Before biting the bullet and packing everything into storage, go through your belongings and decide which items you might not need and could get rid of. Why are you putting the items into storage? Do they hold sentimental value? Or are you hoping they will have worth in the future? If you are storing clutter for the sake of it, it is good to reduce the mess now and save yourself money on the size of the storage unit you require.

Create an inventory

Keeping an inventory helps you take note of the items you have recently stored and the items you are adding as you go. The list will act as a visual tracking solution to see what you have in your storage unit and what you can replace or remove as time goes on and the space fills.

Does it have sentimental value?

Decluttering doesn’t have to be brutal. There will be many sentimental items that you don’t need to keep but hold importance. A collection of football cards or comic books you had since you were a child should be kept, along with any other sweet memorabilia of your childhood. 

The things you should focus on getting rid of include old clothes, books you no longer read, and the items that hold no value but you think may be of value in the far future. You can sell them, donate them to a charity, recycle them into something else or consider them rubbish if it doesn’t have many uses.


Downsize and save money

Reshifting your belongings might make room for you to consider downsizing and save some money on your storage unit space. After the decluttering process, you may realise the space you initially rented is no longer needed, and you could rent a smaller unit and save money. The best facilities will offer enough flexibility to make the change with ease as soon as you need it. 

Apex Self Storage can help

Hoarding can take its toll on even the strongest sufferers. You must consider seeking professional guidance and support to help work through these issues and start living a clutter-free life, physically and mentally. 

Apex Self Storage can provide the perfect space to clear your home and mind of hoarding. It might only be an initial step, but it can truly change your life. Get in touch with us to find out more.