How to Store Artwork Properly

There are numerous storage mistakes you can make if you are not careful. In this article, we highlight problems with storage units to avoid.

Collecting art is a unique way of celebrating culture and talent. Most who own delicate paintings and sculptures do so as an investment too valuable to show off or perhaps to upgrade their living space.

Whether someone is moving into a new home or simply gaining future financial status, self storage could be the ultimate cost-effective, time-saving option. If there isn’t space for display, it’s time to consider how to store artwork properly.

It’s easy to wrap a canvas in bubble wrap as a quick fix, but, over time, poor packing can severely damage a once perfect piece.

Clean artwork pre-storage

Cleaning and dusting artwork is crucial to keep pieces in the best condition before storing them for long periods. It is also essential to consult an art conservator pre-clean to ensure you are using the correct tools and products to prevent doing more harm than good. Certain pieces will often require in-depth care depending on the materials used.

Never roll artwork

For most art lovers, this is obvious advice. You might feel tempted to roll your unframed pieces for now, but this can ruin the artwork in the long run. Rolling art should only happen during transportation. When storing, it should lay flat to keep the structure intact. Avoid stacking artwork on top of each other for additional security.

Avoid plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is great for keeping some things safe, but when storing artwork, regardless of how long, it can trap moisture and cause mould to form. Glassine paper is the best protection, and you should consider using storage blankets or cloths for further protection. Glassine paper works best for unframed artwork, and unframed artwork needs blanket and cardboard protection.

Keep an eye out

If you are planning to keep the artwork in storage for a long time, check up on them often to limit the chances of mould and humidity damage. While the storage unit should be of the highest quality, there is still a chance of damage if you are not careful. Other items in storage could fall on top of the artwork if not stored correctly. 

Keeping an eye on artwork will ensure you keep it safe and in its best condition.

Security considerations

A good self storage company will have security measures to keep your belongings safe. Whether you are storing for personal or business reasons, Apex Self Storage is a secure, trustworthy solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you store your artwork safely and effectively.