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Off to University? Keep Your Property Safe in Trustworthy Storage Units

About to head off to university for your very first year? Or are you in the middle of university years/terms?

Regardless of how far along you are in your student life, there’s likely to be a million things going through your mind as you move your things to your brand new university town. From picking the best bed linen from Ikea to making sure all your accommodation and course allocations are sorted, there’s certainly a lot to consider!

Now, when it comes to packing up all your belongings, there’s definitely a lot of time and effort involved in the whole process. And then, there’s the hassle of having to pack it all up and lug it home between terms and between different student accommodations.

What if you could find a local self-storage service that won’t break the bank and can keep your things safe and secure in the heart of your university town?

Sounds too good to be affordable? Well, you’d be surprised. Read on to find out more about the perks of using cheap self-storage options through your university life:

You could save a considerable amount of money on transport

Saving money is a topmost priority for the majority of university students. With a good student storage service, you’ll receive a free pickup, which means you don’t need to endure the hassle and potential cost of transporting all your bags and cartons again and again.

Not only will this save you considerable muscle power and energy, it also saves on costs as you won’t need to hire a man with a van or rent a car to take your things to storage each time you move.

Your belongings will be kept safe, giving you peace of mind

Other than the time and hassle of making the frequent moves, one of the biggest benefits of using a local self-storage service is the fact that your belongings are truly safe. Your storage unit will be locked and super secure, which means that no one can get their hands on your favourite set of speakers or, more importantly, your expensive course books.

You can get packing materials included with cheap storage units

Find a cheap self-storage unit that offers some packing materials so you don’t need to invest money and time into getting these at the end of each term.

At APEX self-storage, our student storage deal includes 2 medium packing boxes, 2 large packing boxes, a roll of tape and five metres of bubble wrap. With these quality packing materials, you can be sure that your belongings are kept nice and protected as they’re transported to the storage unit.

You won’t lose or misplace your things over the holiday periods

With the constant kerfuffle of moving all your things between your parental home and student accommodations comes the risk of losing and misplacing things. By booking a cheap self-storage unit, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find all your things easily. They’ll be kept safe and nicely contained in one spot rather than scattered around all over your parent’s home.

You can get home quicker

Having to move all your things back home means you may have to wait for your parents to pick you up or book transport in a big enough car or van to take your things home.

By getting a storage service for your things, you don’t need to worry about transport and can focus on enjoying any end of term parties and getting home for some well-deserved relaxation time.

You can save space at your parental home

Let’s face it, your parents don’t necessarily love all your belongings strewn about throughout the house every time you visit or move your things back in between terms. By getting a self-storage unit, you can save space at home by keeping your things neatly tucked away in your university town, close to your new digs.

Don’t have much stuff? Just pay for the space you need

At APEX self-storage, we have cheap storage units available in all sizes. So, whether you’ve over-packed or under-packed, you can find a cheap self-storage unit to suit your needs.

Local self-storage can be surprisingly cheap

There’s a common misconception that renting a storage unit is quite an expensive thing to do, and simply not affordable for students on a budget. It is actually a much more affordable service than people may think, and there are often good deals available for cheap storage units for students. For instance, with our student service storage at APEX, we offer half price student storage in Manchester for the first eight weeks. We also offer discounts on our packing services for students.

Whether you’re looking for long-term storage solutions or not, you’ll find that it makes a worthy investment, especially factoring in the money you’ll be saving on transporting your belongings to and from your home each year.

Save more money with group sharing deals

Sharing a house with flatmates to save on accommodation costs? Well, you can also save money on storage costs by using a similar tactic. Just find some friends, convince them of the many perks of getting a local self-storage service, and book a large unit to hold all your stuff together. Not only will this make the storage unit even more affordable, it’ll also make it easier to move your things together with your new or existing housemates.

Remember, there’ll be no one at your student accommodation during key holiday periods, leaving your home vulnerable to intruders

Not many students stick around campus in key holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas. Leaving your things in your student accommodation over this period leaves them exposed to possible break ins.

Now, if you don’t want to move all your things into storage every single holiday season, you could start with just your valuables. Trust us, it’ll give you instant peace of mind to know that your favourite tech pieces and valuable course materials are all stored in a secure spot.

When it comes to moving in day, your belongings will be conveniently close to your new student accommodation

Every year as September approaches through your university life, you’re faced with the prospect of lugging all your items from home and potentially making a couple of trips if your car isn’t big enough. This can be even more of a pain if you’re located more than a few hour’s drive from your university town.

With our cheap storage units located in all the key student areas in Manchester, you can just focus on getting yourself back and picking up your things from a nearby location when you’re ready.

Having access to cheap self-storage means you can invest more in sprucing up your student digs

It can be hard to make your student home feel like a home when you can’t bring too much stuff to make it yours. Having to transport things back between each move means many students don’t invest in any larger furnishings.

By getting some local self-storage for the summers between moves, you can bring a few pieces to decorate your room and make it feel more you. There’ll be no need to transport it back and forth, and you’ll be able to create the homeliest room on campus.

Not sure when you’ll be back? Get a flexible renting term for your storage unit

There may be instances when you arrive back at university later or earlier than planned. You may be considering taking a year or a term out or you have arrived back in Manchester and found that your student accommodation just isn’t ready for you to pick up your belongings when planned.

There’s no need to stress about where your things will go during these periods. Renting terms are very flexible at APEX Storage, so you don’t have to worry about committing to anything specific.


Looking for a self-storage unit to keep your belongings secure during term breaks? At APEX self-storage, we’ve been offering Manchester students a safe spot to store their things since 1999. We’re proud to have acquired a deep understanding of the student population storage needs over the last 19 years.

Get in touch with your requirements and we’d be happy to provide a free quote, or just give us a call on 0161 696 6917 and find out how our self-storage experts can help you.

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