Rainbow Pallet

Spring is here. The weather is slowly getting warmer and the days are getting longer. What better time to get outside, get creative and start working with your hands? With an (approximate) end date in sight for the national lockdown, and with some restrictions already being lifted, why not spend the next few weeks creating some fun, unique pieces for your home. Save yourself money and impress your mates with your skills when you can finally have them back over for a party!

This brings us to the trusty wooden pallet.

Pallets are maybe one of the most important tools for modern logistics and supply chain purposes. Traditionally used for stacking, storing and transporting materials, they are built in such a way to allow easy manoeuvrability of large loads using a forklift truck or pallet trolley. Because of this, they are extremely durable, whilst also being lightweight and easy to move.

Using pallets is an affordable and sustainable way of building something you can be proud of, giving a new lease of life to something that may otherwise be thrown away. Whether you know your way around a set of power tools or are a complete novice, there are simple projects for everyone dotted around the internet.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Outdoor Pallet Shelving

Pallets made into wooden shelves

These handmade shelves can be attached to the side of your shed or garden fence. They add a new design element to your garden while being functional and expanding your storage. You can use them to hold plants, garden tools or even use them as a bird table without taking up any extra space. They’re also a great excuse to spruce up your colour scheme. Here, they are painted to match the fence but why not try making a couple in different, contrasting colours. This will add a modern, fun, and summery feel to your garden.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Wooden Pallet made into coffee table

A new, solid coffee table can become very pricey. Building one yourself can cost you nothing but a bit of time and elbow grease!  You may want to create something for your living room that brings some character and feels sentimental, knowing the effort you put in to make it. It also means you can have something custom made to your space and needs without breaking the bank. Bringing raw, reclaimed wood into your home brings with it an earthy & minimalistic feel to your environment. Very on-trend at the moment.

Use this tutorial as inspiration & use your creativity!

Outdoor Log Shed

Outdoor log shed made of wooden pallets

This log hut is so simple to make! Stack a couple of pallets on top of each other and secure them in place. Then just add something on top (such as left-over roof tiles) to drain rainwater. A perfect addition to your garden for storing wood for bonfires and barbeques over the summer. It keeps it dry while looking nice and tidy. Log piles also act as shelter for hedgehogs and other garden wildlife, keeping them safe and warm which is great for the environment. Be careful when moving logs to burn to make sure nothing is hidden in there!

If you need to source some pallets for your project, join community groups on social media to ask your neighbours. Alternatively, we regularly have leftover pallets at all of our Apex Self Storage sites. Pop by and ask at reception to see if there are any available, we’d love to hear what you are making!