Self Storage for Students: The Benefits

Self storage for students offers more benefits than you might think. Click here to read more about how we can support students.

With the summer months quickly approaching, many students, whether they are graduating or moving on to another academic year, want to broaden their horizons or leave the nest. Is it time to pack up and move to a new city after graduation? Or are you looking to upgrade your space for the new school year?

Whatever is in store in the future, one issue that many students will deal with is where they will keep their belongings. When deciding on a university, many students will choose to jump ship across the country for a fresh start. This comes with baggage, quite literally.

Every summer holiday, many students across the UK will be packing up rooms or homes they have lived in during the academic year and go back to reality. While you might think that university students don’t need self storage, they are most likely to need the service.

Benefits of self storage for students

In this article, we discuss the reasons to consider and the benefits of self storage for students.

Limit back and forth

Moving is always stressful, and students tend to move every year for the three years they study. Self storage can help prevent too much back and forth and means you can keep some of the belongings you don’t use as frequently in one place until you are ready to make the next move.

Too much stuff, too little space

Even though most students end up house-sharing and only having one room to themselves, the accumulation of ‘stuff’ is unavoidable when moving from place to place each year. While it might fit around the student house, moving back to a childhood bedroom might bring some space concerns. 

Self storage can store the household things you won’t need at home, such as living room furniture or kitchen utensils. These ‘non-essential’ items can be left until you move to the next property, so you don’t have to worry about bringing an entire house home with you.

Keep valuables safe

Many students find themselves moving in with strangers in their first year. Making friends at uni is great, but sometimes you might luck out with the people you are living with. Make sure to keep your valuables safe just in case. Self storage can keep any precious belongings you have safe and secure without stress.

A flexible schedule

One thing students thrive on is flexibility. Schedules change and part-time job hours are never set in stone. Students need to have the freedom to move freely as and when they need to without worrying about their belongings. Self storage offers temporary storage solutions without needing any real commitment – perfect for students who are on the move. Many storage centres also come with 24hr access, meaning you won’t be restricted on when you can retrieve your items.

No more clutter

For first-year students, a room in the halls is about as good as it gets, and it is a rarity that they are spacious enough to fit more than a single bed and a wardrobe. Sometimes that also means sharing the space with another student. Where will your larger belongings go if you don’t have the space? Self storage, which you can easily access whenever required, is your best bet.

Pay for the space you need

The flexibility with storage units includes the cost too. If you only plan on storing a small number of items, you can select the best storage space for you at a price that meets your budget – something students will widely consider when looking for storage solutions.

Apex Self Storage can help

Searcing for a self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe during term breaks? At Apex Self Storage, we’ve been offering Manchester students a safe spot to store their things since 1999. We’re proud to have acquired a deep understanding of the student population’s storage needs over the last 19 years.

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