Self Storage Solutions

Small Business Self Storage Solution

It might surprise you to learn that a majority of Apex Self Storage customers are in fact, small businesses. We offer a lot more than just self-storage and our services are very much tailored to meet the demands of today’s entrepreneur, with 24-hour access at all of our depots and we also have a packaging supplier service, which is ideal for the online retailer. There are no exclusions when you rent storage space with us and with free use of our trolleys and a wide range of packaging materials available, you can package products ready for dispatch.

Racking Systems

You can purchase or rent racking systems which are ideal for product storage and such is our variety, there will be something just right. By separating the individual components of a product line, mix and match orders can easily be packaged, ready to be shipped to the customer. Keeping things in order is the key to smooth logistics and whether you require a self-storage container or a unit that can double as a logistics centre, we are the people to talk to. We are always happy to advise regarding how to layout your storage unit and have everything at hand to assist you in preparing the space for its intended purpose.


Every business environment is in a constant state of change and having the ability to upscale or downgrade your self-storage at the drop of a hat is a valuable resource. We design our storage services around our clients and if you should need something we haven’t got, we can source it. Our storage facilities are clean and dry and with a wide range of units to choose from, you are sure to be accommodated. As we are very confident in our service, we ask for no long term commitment, rather you can hire month by month for as long as you please. This avoids tying yourself to a long contract and with the ever-changing business environment, any long term commitment is risky.

Bulk Stock Buying

As competitive as the online retail industry is, the best way for the small retail business to buy at the lowest prices is to bulk order, and with self-storage facilities, you have the space to do so. This means you will always have every product item in stock, and if your business is seasonal, you can stock up and store the excess in your storage unit. All of our storage facilities are open round the clock, so there’s no need to worry about restricted access and with 24-hour manned security, your valuable goods are safe in our hands.

We offer local self-storage in many areas of the North East of England and are the go to storage company that simply ticks all the boxes. If you would like to talk to us about renting some storage space, call us on 0161 696 6917 or leave a message and we’ll get right back to you.

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