Tiny Living Trends: How Self Storage Can Make it Work

Small, well organised home with white walls and wooden furniture.

One of the most interesting self storage trends to come to life in recent years is tiny living. Essentially, this is a trend where homeowners either downsize their current property or move into a tiny home, which is often a converted house originating from previously unconventional spaces.

While tiny living can feel liberating, difficulties such as dirt and clutter can occur if you find yourself with too many belongings and not enough space to keep everything organised. In this article, we discover some small living space organisation ideas that can help you enjoy your tiny home without compromise.

Utilise shelving

With a tiny living room and kitchen, there’s not going to be a lot of cupboards or drawer space to hide away items such as books, frying pans or baking trays. Shelves are the perfect way to use up empty wall space and store additional items in an organised manner, without anything getting in the way.

Invest in an ottoman

While it’s tempting to make do with a sofa bed, comfort can not be compromised when it comes to sleep. Under-bed storage is the perfect solution to justify bed space and keep items such as clothing, accessories, shoes and even seasonal decorations stored away but easily accessible. If you haven’t got an ottoman, utilise storage boxes and place them under the bed for a similar purpose!

Consider self storage

Those with tiny homes can reap the rewards of tiny living without having to sacrifice the things they love. Self storage offers the opportunity to store belongings in a safe and secure place with flexible access and affordable costs. Here are just a few of the ways you can use self storage to your benefit.

Personal pantry

While you are not allowed to store perishable items in a self storage unit, you can take advantage of the space by treating it like your own personal pantry. From large quantities of home supplies to bulk-bought paper goods, a self storage unit can look after those little essentials you wouldn’t necessarily fit in your tiny home.

Don’t say goodbye to hobbies

Hobbies are often the first sacrifice when moving to a smaller property. This is often due to how many tools artists and DIY fans use when creating something new. Self storage can store bulky items such as canvases, paintbrushes, DIY tools and more until you’re ready to use them again. Flexibility in opening times allows you to access your goods daily if necessary.

Keep sentiments safe

While it’s lovely to reminisce from time to time, no one needs to look at old photographs every day. Store your photo albums, memory boxes and antiques in self storage and rest assured that they are safe and secure until you want to revisit them.

No need for a capsule wardrobe

Tiny living doesn’t have to mean taking all of your clothes to Sunday’s car boot sale, you can store bulky winter clothing in self storage during the warmer months, and summer clothes in the winter months. From shoes to accessories, you can have an outfit for every occasion and not feel suffocated with self storage options.

Self storage solutions

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