The Benefits of Self Storage for Musicians and Bands

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Musical instruments are at the heart of an artist or band’s performance. Without them, the true magic of a show isn’t quite there – unless you’re an acapella group of course!

Owning such valuable possessions, not only financially but emotionally, can cause stress when seeking the appropriate storage solutions during periods of quiet. No artist wants to leave their ‘babies’ collecting dust, but keeping them safe and secure will help to keep them at ease.

In this article, we highlight the benefits of utilising self storage for musical instruments and why it’s the best option for bands.

Safe from expensive theft

As a musician, you will already know that musical equipment is very expensive, and if ever in the hands of the wrong people, it will soon go missing for quick cash. Whether you’re on the road or performing at a local gig here and there, storage for musical instruments can keep a musician’s prized possessions secure from theft or damage while they’re not in use.

Safe from unwanted hands

From drum sets, pianos, a single guitar or a huge collection of expensive instruments and records, self storage can keep everything safe while not in use. Those with little ones or pets will understand the risk of valuable equipment getting wrongly handled or damaged at home, and holding them in a storage unit can help prevent the risk of breakage or mishandling.

Perfect for recording studios

As recording studios see plenty of performers come and go, a storage unit is the perfect solution to transport instruments as and when a studio might need them for their clients. Without the additional space, there’s a risk of overcrowding, making what could be a fun and successful recording session a stressful and overbearing lesson no one wants to learn where expenses are involved.

Flexible access in a fast-paced world 

Every musician will appreciate the flexibility that comes with a storage unit. Most will be living a very fast-paced life already, and sporadic music events will require great flexibility as to when and if they need storage during certain times of the year. Self storage units can be available whenever without stressful commitments.

Singing from the same hymn sheet

At Apex Self Storage, we work with our customers to provide the best possible options for flexible and secure storage. Musicians and bands can rest assured that we can provide optimum storage for musical instruments as and when they need it. Get in touch with us today to discover more.