Storage Solutions for Businesses

The build-up of clutter is an inevitable part of running a business, whether it’s small, medium or large. Whatever industry you might operate in, important documents, surplus equipment and stationary can quickly amass into an unruly and intrusive state of affairs.

Unlike being a homeowner, it’s not as simple as just binning things when you’re in business. Old invoices and contracts that don’t need to be accessed for some time cannot simply be chucked away or recycled. Similarly with equipment, you may not need a spare computer or printer right now, but what if you’re looking to grow your staff and will need it in the near future?

This poses a significant problem if you’re light on space but heavy on ‘stuff’. The simple option would be to just let the clutter build and build and think about it later. The expensive, but sometimes unachievable option, would be to upsize office space.

The former option can have a real impact on the productivity of your staff and business in general. The National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO) discovered in a study that a disorganised work space can lead to financial losses up to and equivalent of 10% of a manager’s salary. That’s not just pocket change!

Studies suggest that the average person spends 4.3 hours per week searching for papers. Now think about that in business terms. Common sense dictates that the less time spent looking for information, rifling around through boxes or navigating your way through an office filled to the brim with spare equipment, leads to a less productive day. Less clutter leads to increased productivity, less mistakes being made and a reduction in stress.

Bryan Hunter, from office broking specialists, Instant Offices says that, “Keeping your company organised is paramount to keep staff mobilised, sustain high office productivity, and remain focused on priorities and profitability. Whether you are a large organisation or a small business owner, maintaining a clutter-free office can have a huge effect on the bottom line.”

The latter option – to upsize – is often simply unachievable, especially for a small business trying to get off the ground. However, the sight of a cluttered office space can be a real turn off for prospective clients coming for meetings and those can be literally life-changing for companies at the very beginning of their journey.

One option that solves the issue of clutter, is to utilise local storage solutions to help manage your surplus documents and equipment. This way, there is no reason to throw anything away, upsize your office space, impair the productivity of your staff or damage your image to prospective clients.

How Storage Facilities Can Solve Your Space Problems

When choosing a storage facility to help alleviate some of the clutter or spare equipment in your office, it’s important to ensure that any removals are done with care and respect to ensure that no property is damaged and there is as little disruption to your operation as possible. Luckily, the best storage facilities will be able to work around your schedule and arrange packing, removal and drop off for you. You will hardly even notice them and then your work-space will be totally transformed.

Understandably, making sure that all of your property remains secure must be a very top priority. That’s why any good self storage company will have high-security at the core of what they do. The very best ones will have 24-hour CCTV across the site, on-site personnel, alarm systems and robust locks.

As well as security, it’s imperative that the facility you choose is clean and dry to the very highest industry standards at all times. For documents, in particular, damp can be very damaging and what’s the point of safely securing your items for them to get damaged because it’s dirty and wet where you’ve stored them? Having a high level of security and cleanliness gives you as much a guarantee as possible that all your property will remain safe and in one piece for however long you store it.

Once your items are in storage, what if you need to access them at short notice? Sometimes things happen that are totally unexpected and important documents need to be copied or supplied to third parties at a moments notice. This might put business owners off putting their property into storage. However, there are storage options which allow you to access your property 24 hours a day. This alleviates any problems that may arise from having restricted access to the items you’ve decided to store.

What Storage Space Should I Choose?

For business, flexibility is just as important as safety, security and access. You might just want to store a few key documents that fit into a handful of boxes, or you might need to store entire pieces of furniture, filing cabinets, computers or desks. Whatever it is that you’re looking to offload to a storing company, there should always be a solution available.

The size and volume of the items that you’re storing clearly also have an effect on the price you will pay to store your property and dictate the type of storage space or company you decide to go with. The more flexibility here, the better.

The best storage facilities will offer flexible terms, because they understand that – especially for business owners – things aren’t always clear or simple at the very beginning.  That can include no obligation to a long-term contract. Having the flexibility to choose from long and short term contracts as well as everything in between – with the option to amend this as things become clearer – is a great advantage when deciding what type of storage space to choose.

The option to increase or decrease the size of your unit at a moments notice is another thing to watch out for when deciding a storage solution for your business. You never know whether you’re going to suddenly need more or less space. Luckily, some storage companies allow for this because they understand that business must be flexible to operate efficiently. Without that option, and the option to access your property 24 hours per day, storage solutions may be more intrusive than helpful. However, with this flexibility, there is something for any need.

One of the biggest deciding factors in choosing which storage solution to go for is, of course, cost. What everyone is looking for is cheap self storage for the needs that you have. Again, the key here is flexibility. Having flexible pricing structures means that you shouldn’t be paying through the nose to store just a few boxes of documents, but also that you aren’t forced to pay per item when you do have a lot of things to store.

The best storage companies will give you the opportunity to decide a payment structure that works for you and the property you’re storing. For just a few items, you might want to pay per item, but this can become pricey when you have a lot of things to put into storage, at which point it’s probably more economical to pay for an entire unit.

Who We Are

APEX Self Storage is the most cost effective storage unit service in Manchester. Established in 1999 as a humble venture, we now have storage units in 8 locations in and around Greater Manchester which serve our loyal client base of home and business owners.

Document storage is priced at as little as 6p per box, per week and we offer extremely flexible pricing plans, no matter what you want to store. We also have our Apex Price Promise to ensure that we will never be beaten on a like for like storage solution.

Our facilities at all 8 locations across the North West can be accessed 24 hours a day to ensure that you can always access your property at a time that is convenient for you. All of our storage facilities are kept dry and clean to the highest industry standards and we keep our facilities secure via a constant CCTV presence, on-site security personnel, alarm systems and sturdy locks.

We are Manchester’s oldest independent storage company and ingrained into the fabric of the city. We’re proud to have worked to raise funds for the victims of the Manchester Arena Bomb, as well as being involved in the Great Manchester Half Marathon and much more community involvement.

Contact us to get a quote. You can visit us at our Hulme HQ at 130/140 Princess Road, Hulme, Manchester, M16 7BY or call us on 0161 696 6917.