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Storage Tips to Help Utilise Space Around the Home

Whether you’ve got Christmas presents piling up with no space to put them or every surface is covered with random items, a messy, cluttered house can really put a negative spin on coming home to relax at the end of the day. It’s no secret that decluttering the home declutters the mind, and finding helpful storage solutions to utilise space around your home can calm your anxiety. As storage experts, we have put together some storage tips to help you.

Beds, Sofas and Stools

Start utilising the big furniture around your home to store items underneath or inside them. For example, shallow boxes or units can glide underneath a bed or sofa to store extra clothes, bedding or CDs. Or, if you’re thinking of upgrading any furniture, opt for designs that incorporate storage space into them. Some beds have drawers whereas other Ottoman designs mean that the entire bed can be lifted on a hinge. The same goes for sofas too. For the bathroom or living area, some stools have lids that lifted to reveal handy storage space inside.


If your drawer space is looking limited and you’re a self-confessed clothes hoarder, why not explore a unique but beneficial folding technique. The KonMari folding method teaches how to fold clothes so they stand up in the drawers. As well as saving space, this method also allows you to see everything you own. So, instead of wearing the same outfits over and over again that happen to be on top of your pile, you can reach in and select something different. You can find an illustrated guide here.

Racks, racks, racks

Extras like bulky coats, towels and toiletries can really start to pile up when there’s limited space to store them. With this in mind, why not consider putting up a few racks around the home? A coat rack or hangers near the front door is a great place to store a wet coat, rather than mixing it with fresh clothes in the wardrobe. A bathroom rack to hang or place towels, flannels and extras can really help free up space too. For the kitchen, consider wine racks, spice racks or a hanging rack to place bulky kitchen utensils like spatulas and spoons.

If everything gets a bit much, consider using a storage company to help clear possessions quickly. Whether it’s for a short period of time whilst decluttering your home or for the long term as you wait to move into a bigger place, Apex Self Storage can help with your storage needs. Contact us today.

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