Storage When Moving into a Care Home: Things to Consider

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Uprooting a loved one’s life into a care home, away from everything they have ever known, after having spent quite a large part of life there can be a struggle for both the caregiver and the elderly family member. 

Not only can finding the best care home feel like a stressful process but securing a place that can keep delicate belongings such as old furniture, antiques and other precious items safe is something many will find worrying. 

Self storage is a fantastic option for storage when moving, those needing a short-term or long-term solution will seek a safe place to look after possessions. In this article, we discuss the considerations families need to think about when taking the next step for their elderly loved ones.

Visting numerous care home options

You won’t know which option is best until you have visited a care home in person to get a true feel for the place. However, due to the pandemic restrictions that are still a concern for care homes, it may be difficult to arrange a visit in person. 

The possibility of virtual tours or video calls may be available, and while they are not the same, they can still provide the opportunity to chat with staff, make a first impression and get an insight into the rooms and outdoor areas. It is important to take a look at many different options to see which is best before settling.

Care home routines

Every care home will follow particular routines that suit the needs of its residents. Whether it is meal times, medication rounds, wake-up calls or evening wind downs, decide which plan will work before committing to somewhere that could potentially cause more negative change than positive. 

Depending on the care home, furniture is often provided in every resident room. In which case, any furniture from home should be carefully put into self storage or left with loved ones. Make sure to check this with the care home to see what you can or can not take and arrange to hire a self storage unit to take the stress away from moving day.

Questions about individual care

The entire premise of a care home is that it is there to provide care. Who is responsible for each resident? Are the facilities to a reasonable standard? Do the carers have enough experience to handle specific needs? There are many questions to ask when considering the level of care provided. 

Staff are at the heart of a successful care home. Care providers must be kind, supportive and available to help with anything an elderly person might need to feel comfortable adjusting. If they are not approachable, reconsider the decision. You want to know that your loved ones are safe and well looked after.

How self storage can help

The overwhelming feeling when moving home gets to the best of us. An elderly person moving to a care facility is a difficult decision not to take lightly. With the help of self storage, families can rest assured that their possessions are kept safe.

Every piece of furniture kept secure

It would not be surprising if your elderly family member had copious amounts of furniture that spans decades. Older furniture is also most likely to be built from high-quality heavy wood materials, which are not exactly easy to deconstruct. Self storage can keep any pieces of furniture for the foreseeable until the family decide on its new home, without the stress of letting go too soon.

Organisation ready

With help from self storage, moving can become far less stressful – you will quickly discover how much easier it is to organise the whole process once you have a designated location to place belongings. Anything from family heirlooms, antique furniture and any valuables should go into storage. 

Unlimited access

Saying goodbye to sentimental items and the change that comes with moving into a care home can feel upsetting for the elderly. Most self storage facilities offer 24-7 access to the units so people can access their belongings whenever they wish.

Apex Self Storage can help

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