Sustainable Space: The Life Cycle Of A Shipping Container

A re-used, sustainable orange shipping container being lowered to the ground with a crane.

Sustainability is a top priority of many businesses of late. With the climate crisis reaching breaking point, we are in a place where we need to act quickly. Reusing, repurposing and increasing the lifespan of products delays the energy-consuming process of recycling, thus, making it the most sustainable process. Once our shipping containers come to us, their lifespan can be almost doubled!

What are shipping containers?

Shipping containers are made to transport cargo overseas and can make hundreds of journeys all over the world. Built from specialised, rust prohibitive steel, and fitted with full wraparound seals, they are made to withstand the elements. Ideal for protecting the goods inside.

What usually happens to used shipping containers?

Being made from such hardy materials, shipping containers can generally withstand around 10 years of travelling all over the globe. In the past, these used containers would be left to rust in a junkyard but thankfully, now the world is becoming more environmentally conscious, these glorious chunks of metal are being given a new lease of life. The vast majority of used containers will be crushed, melted and made into a new steel structure. Some will be used to build interesting architecture & fashionable hang-out spaces, such as Hatch on Oxford Road in Manchester. Some will even be used to build schools and homes in developing countries.

Using containers for self storage

Shipping containers are also handy, accessible & affordable self storage space. Our containers have usually only been on 1 or 2 journeys before they come to us. They have been serviced, thoroughly cleaned & insulated – ready to start a new life in one of our secure container yards. With careful maintenance – such as painting, cleaning & re-insulating between uses, we can extend their lifespan by almost double. By, taking care of them for longer, we are able to reduce their lifecycle emissions.

Is container storage right for me?

Our container storage is perfect for builders, joiners, gardeners, short term storage for house moves, vehicle storage and long term storage of seasonal items such as garden furniture. Our containers range from 7ft (56 sqft) to 40ft (320 sqft), so whether you are using it as a base for your business or as additional home storage, we have something to suit your needs. Container storage is a more affordable option than internal storage units and benefits from 24 hour access & security, as well as the ease of being able to drive straight up and unload.

How Apex Self Storage can help you

5 out of our 8 sites have dedicated container yards, with our Warrington branch benefitting from some new (re-purposed!) containers being delivered last month. You can store as little or as much as you want at our local storage facilities, with no need to commit to a long-term contract. For flexible and convenient storage, Apex Self Storage is the obvious choice. Get in touch to find out more.