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Tips for choosing the right storage cabinet or unit

An essential investment for the home or your business property, storage cabinets or units are ideal for keeping your possessions in order, rather than disorganised chaos. A messy office space can decrease productivity and motivation whereas a cluttered home can make you feel stressed and anxious. To keep your property fully-functional and clear of clutter, consider investing in a storage cabinet or unit. Here are some tips for when choosing the right one for your space.

What needs storing?

First, evaluate what items actually need organising and storing. From CDs and DVDs to food and drink, start making an inventory list of everything that you want out of the way in shelves, cabinets or units. This will help you identify the right sized cabinet and which area of the house you need a unit for.


Depending on what needs storing, you’ll need to start thinking about the size of your unit or cabinet to ensure it can hold all the items you need it to. From collected travel trinkets and cooking spices to bulky books and potted plants, consider if you need a small, medium or large sized unit. Do you need drawers? Cupboard or glass doors to protect items? Open shelves? Ask yourself all these questions beforehand.


Once you know what needs storing, begin measuring the space that you plan on keeping the cabinet or unit. That corner of the room may be tighter than expected or that wall may not be able to hold a shelving unit. Make sure to jot down the measurements for the width, length, height and depth of the space to help you in your search.

Watch out for wires

Prior warning, if you desire to install a shelving unit at height, be careful about wires and electricity lines inside the walls. Nailing into a wire will cause more trouble than it’s worth. Invest in a wire detector tool to ensure you can put up your shelves safely and cost-effectively – after all, it’s not good buying a shelf just to have your design dreams crushed when you’re unable to put it up.

Weight constraints

When searching in your chosen home design shop for that desired cabinet or shelf, ensure that your chosen unit will be able to hold your items effectively. There’s nothing worse than buying a new cabinet to find that one of the shelves or drawers snaps straight away because of poor workmanship or items that are too heavy.

Minimal is better

Remember, minimal is the best way to go. Don’t try and pile everything on or in the storage cabinet or unit as it’ll look messy and you won’t be able to find items when you come to need them.

At Apex Self Storage in Manchester, we understand that making space to store items is important to keeping a decluttered office or home. If there’s anything extra you need to store, consider using a storage company. Get in touch with us today.

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