Tips on How To Pack Your Self Storage Unit

If you’re moving abroad or even just down the road you may need to take advantage of storage services near you. Sometimes you have to find a temporary home or sometimes you just won’t be able to bring it all with you, but you don’t want to get rid of it either, especially with family heirlooms or expensive furniture. Whatever your reasons for deciding on self storage one thing you will want to do is get the best use out of the space that you possibly can. The only way to do this is to pack it properly and that’s where the experts come in. APEX Self Storage have put together some tips so that you can fill up your storage space the most economical way possible.


How to start?

  • Make an inventory

It can be easy to forget what has gone into a storage container, particularly smaller items. You won’t forget the wooden sideboard but you might forget a particular bedroom lamp that you are fond of. Rather than stressing out thinking that you’ve lost anything or left something behind, make a list of everything that is going into storage and check it off as it is packed (or put in the container). This will also help if you just have to retrieve one item. You also need to have an inventory for insurance, so that you can claim in the event of a fire or flood.

  • Split into categories

Make a list of categories such as education and books, toys, appliances etc. Then split items into different boxes by category, in order to pack in an organised fashion. You can number boxes within each category if you want to be super organised and note these on your inventory.

  • Pack it well

There’s no point in hiring a self storage unit and just flinging everything in there. Pack up your goods the same way you would as if they were being shipped in a container. Use sturdy boxes, bubbles wrap and newspaper and if there are particularly fragile or specialist items, use blankets and extra wrapping. Remember that you still want to use these things in future so protect them as best you can with quality packing materials.

How to pack properly

Use the same method for packing boxes as packing storage facilities – start with heavier items at the bottom and get lighter as you go up. Use small boxes for heavy items. Make sure you can seal boxes fully and that you are able to carry them. Protect items from damp or mould with blankets and wrapping. Don’t leave any boxes open. Label your boxes so you know what is in each. Plastic containers are helpful if you want to be able to quickly see what is in each box.

A Reliable Storage Company

If you are looking for cheap self storage around Manchester, call APEX Self Storage on 0161 696 6917 today and we’ll be happy to advise on our storage facilities.

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