Tips to Help When Leaving the Country

If you have to leave the country for family reasons, a career break or going home to apply for a new visa, then you might have a lot on your mind, never mind storage for your goods whilst you’re gone. APEX Self Storage know how much can be going on when you’re planning to leave, whether temporarily or for a longer time, so we’ve put together a list of helpful tips to make the process less stressful for you.


Where to begin?

  1. Start packing

 It seems like a mammoth task initially and sometimes you just want to shove everything in a corner or throw what you can into boxes and suitcases and bin the rest! But if you do any of these things, in fact, you’re making your life more difficult, and you’ll likely forget or throw away something you need. Make a plan, stick to it and start packing as soon as you can. Little tips that make a big difference include:

  • Roll your clothes so that they don’t crease. This also creates more space in a case or box.
  • Store your electronic goods in between clothes to protect them. Suitcases get banged around a lot so this will mean your electronics still work on the other end!
  • Make sure that you put whatever you need when you arrive at the top of your bag. You’re probably going to be exhausted after your flight so put your passport, new keys, toothbrush and pyjamas near the top.
  • If goods are going into local self storage, make sure you pack them well, heavier items to the bottom and lighter ones to the top. Seal each box.


  1. Money, money, money

 You probably have organised money for your journey and destination, but if it’s a temporary trip or you don’t know how long it is, have you thought about money for when you come back? You may set up a bank account somewhere else but try and leave something in your bank account here and check that you can keep it open. There are a number of pre-paid cards and international bank accounts now, such as Revolut, that you may find useful if you are going to be away only a short time, or are travelling to different places.


  1. Consider storage facilities

 If you’re only leaving for a short while, or if you’re going somewhere that you can’t bring a lot with you, then it makes sense to look for storage services for your goods whilst you’re gone. Storage

With a company such as APEX Self Storage means your goods will be well looked after with very little expense and you’ll be able to get your goods delivered and set up home again in no time.

If you need to renew your visa for the UK and are leaving for this reason try not to worry. There is plenty of help from the website and you can also consult with an immigration advisor whilst your goods are in safe hands.


Cheap Self Storage

If you are leaving the country or need self storage for any reason, simply contact APEX Self Storage on 0161 696 6917 and we’ll be happy to share our unbeatable prices with you.       

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