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Top Tips to make the Best Use of your Storage Space

So, you’ve gotten yourself a storage unit to fill up with your stuff, making extra space and helping to declutter your home – great! However, you may be finding it difficult to efficiently store all of the stuff you want, with gaps in your stacking and the space itself being generally messy.

Luckily, here at Apex Self Storage, we’ve become quite the dab hand at making the most of our storage spaces which is why we’ve put together a handy list to help you make the most of yours.

Be mindful about placement and make a plan

When hiring out a storage unit, it can be easy to simply chuck everything in without much thought. However, taking a few preliminary steps can pay dividends when you come back later. To start with, make a plan detailing what can go where in the unit, this can give you a solid idea of how you plan to store your stuff.

Be mindful of placement so that your future trips aren’t filled with you having to clamber over stuff to get to what you need. Make sure to pack your most used items at the front and near the top so that you can easily access them.

Wrap it up

Although your things are in storage they can still get dirty. With this in mind, keeping your stuff protected can save some of your more delicate belongings, like furniture and clothing, from being ruined. To do this, spend time wrapping whatever you can, this will keep it as pristine as possible when in storage and can make stacking easier without causing any damage.

Invest in a good quality lock

Although self-storage companies are usually very safe places to store your belongings, with patrols and security cameras dotted around the site, it’s important to mitigate any risk of theft by investing in a good quality lock.

Luckily, a good quality self-storage company may have locks in stock so you needn’t waste time shopping around.

Keep a tool kit handy

If you’re moving more than just boxes, a toolkit can be really useful when it comes to maximising space. You’ll be able to easily disassemble awkward pieces of furniture which may not fit or could be taking up excess space and may be able to put up shelving depending on your choice of unit.

Also, it could be beneficial to keep a foldable stool on hand to reach some of the higher areas of your unit.

Make some space with Apex Self Storage

Investing in a self-storage unit can be really helpful in freeing up the room around your property without having to throw anything away. Here at Apex Self Storage, we have a range of storage facilities to fit your needs, so whether you need some extra space around the house or looking to safely store your company assets, Apex has you covered.

For more information on our range, visit our website or get in touch on 0161 696 6917.

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