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Top Tips When Packing For Self Storage

Packing can be a horrible experience when you’ve got a large number of possessions to get through and it can be even more frustrating when things get damaged in transit. To help smooth the process of packing and avoid any damage, we’ve got a few of our own top tips when packing to move your possessions into storage.

Plan Ahead

Packing up all of your worldly possessions can be a daunting task, so it’s imperative to make a detailed plan and compartmentalise the process to make it far more manageable. Go through your home with a fine tooth comb and decide exactly what you want to keep and throw away before even thinking about picking up a box. After that process, you’ll have a much better idea of how many boxes you’ll need and how long it should take from start to finish.

Heavy Items at The Bottom and Start With Low Priority

To avoid any unwanted breakages, always begin the packing process with the heavier items at the bottom of each box. This way, it gives the box a solid foundation and will also stop any fragile items from being crushed under the weight of a collection of books or kitchen appliances.

Wrap Fragile Items

For items that are particularly fragile, like glassware and plates, pack them separately and wrap them in bubble wrap as much as possible. Also, tape them with ‘fragile’ tape and always make sure they are placed at the back of a van or securely on top of other boxes.

Label The Boxes

Finally, make sure that every box is properly labelled by which room the items originate from and where they are going in the new house. This will make the process at the other end much easier and will help avoid anything getting lost in transit.

Planning a Move in Manchester or The North West? Choose Apex Self Storage To Help The Process

At Apex Self Storage, we understand just how frustrating packing and moving home can be. If you’re downsizing or moving somewhere a significant distance away, you may need to utilise the services of a self-storage facility to help the process along a bit.

We have eight locations across the North West of England and can provide packing equipment as well as a free van and driver for customers within a ten-mile radius.

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