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What You Need When Moving Into Your First Student Home

Flying the nest and leaving for uni is an incredibly exciting, nerve-racking and inspiring experience; it heralds the real start of adulthood for many and an opportunity to become independent. During the second year, after a year in the halls of residence, most students will decide to move into their first shared property. This next step throws up a new set of experiences to get used to. To help that process, we’ve created some tips and tricks to help young students move into their first home.

Set Up The Facilities In Time

If you want to make sure that you have access to the internet and TV as soon as you move into the new property, it’s a good idea to begin making those calls ahead of time. Often it can take sometime to get a technician out to the new property to get the internet set up, so call them around two weeks ahead of your move-in date with as much information as possible so the process will be seamless.

Create a Shared Account

A great tip when moving in with a few of your new-found mates from the first year is to set up a joint house account so that all of your bills and rent can go out from one place. This means that no one will be paying more or less than anyone else as everyone will put the same in every month.

Stock Up on Appliances and Utensils

With your newly set up house account, it might be an idea to chuck a bit of money in and get some more utensils and appliances between the group. Of course, if you’d rather have your own frying pan and plates that’s fine, but sharing everything is a good way to avoid any arguments about who is using what.

Find The Right Removal Company and Use a Storage Facility In Between Moves

Finally, it’s certainly advisable to use a removal company or a self-storage facility to help smooth the move between one place and another. Often leaving dates and moving in dates don’t quite match up so, in that event, get some of the bigger bits into storage at an affordable price while you wait to move in.

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