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Why First Time Buyers in Warrington Are Using Self Storage

Its becoming tougher for first time buyers to get on the property ladder, but the north-west area still has a thriving property market where young people can find affordable homes. Warrington is one area that’s popular with first-time buyers, as it has a wide variety of flats and houses, from new builds to period homes, which still have a fair price tag. However, buying a house for the first time can be daunting, so many buyers are looking for cheap self-storage to make their life easier. Here are some tips for taking that step onto the property ladder.

Moving from renting to buying

Most millennials don’t move from their parents’ house to their own pad. It often takes a while to save for their deposit, and this means renting, often in smaller, shared houses. Using local self-storage means that you can keep your goods safely tucked away when you live in a shared space, and don’t have to move them around year to year. Many people also worry about security when they live in a shared home, so a storage unit is a handy solution, with alarms and CCTV for 24-hour coverage.

Make the move easier

Having things in storage makes it easier to move into your newly-purchased house, because:

  • You can move things at your own pace
  • It’s easy to sort what you do and don’t want
  • You can rent a van and do your own move
  • You don’t end up with a house full of unpacked boxes

Moving day is often overwhelming, so even after you’ve bought your first house it’s worth considering keeping your storage facilities for a while, which gives you more time to move and organise your belongings.

Starter homes

While it’s great to finally get the keys to your first home, most people move into a pretty small place to begin with, before moving up the property ladder in the years ahead. While you have your independence, you might be wishing for a bit more space, which is when self-storage can be helpful. You can store the items you don’t use every day, keeping things minimalistic and making the most of the space you do have. Many younger people prefer the clean, contemporary look, so putting unnecessary things in storage can help you get the home style you want.

Moving out of your parents’ home

While you may have moved out of your parents’ place years ago, many people have sentimental items left behind in the family home. Moving these things into storage bridges the gap between that first move out and getting your own place, giving you a bit of independence, and meaning you can access the things you want 24-hours a day.

The peak of storage for Warrington

Apex Self Storage at Owen Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 7PA is ideal for those who are buying a home, whether for the first time or when you’re climbing the property ladder. Find out about availability by calling 01925 906517 or e-mailing

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