5 Ways to Effectively Downsize for Retirement

Heading into retirement comes with many worries. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can downsize for retirement.

Heading into retirement comes with many worries and concerns for the older generation who are unsure of the unknown. Amongst plenty of considerations, the decision to downsize for retirement is an incredibly difficult choice to make. 

The reasons for downsizing are endless. Perhaps you wish to be closer to family and friends, or maybe you no longer require a large house now the kids have grown up and moved out. You might love the thought of spending less time taking care of a big home and prefer the desire for a beautiful garden to relax in. 

Regardless of the reasoning, downsizing will take a lot of planning and detail. However, with organisation and preparation, it can feel like the best decision of your life and the beginning of an incredible journey to enjoy. A study from 2021 found that two in three people say they will consider moving to a smaller home to help fund their retirement. At Apex Self Storage, we have the space necessary to make downsizing that little bit easier. Here are some of the steps you will need to consider when deciding to downsize your home. 

Where to move

Moving house feels very permanent considering the physical aspect of uprooting your entire life – not forgetting the in-depth paperwork that comes with it. Whether you want to move far away or down the road, choosing where to move takes a lot of thought. 

While you need to contemplate factors such as your health and finances, if you are looking to utilise self storage options, it is also essential to find a home near the self storage company for ease when travelling and moving belongings to and from.

Calculate the costs

The property market has soared in recent years, and house prices continue to rise. While the value of your current home could have increased, it’s important to get realistic estimates so that you know to look within your ideal price range. Downsizing doesn’t automatically equate to money savings – there will be many costs associated with the move to consider, such as cleaning your current home, admin fees, taxes and moving costs. 

Apex Self Storage can help make the storage of your belongings more affordable when you select the right option for your budget.

What are the alternatives?

It takes a lot of time, energy and money to downsize, and it might not be the right option for you. Luckily, there are many alternatives you can choose from. If you don’t want to move but feel the house you are in is too big to take care of, why not adjust to the environment you are already living in. 

If it is difficult to get upstairs, convert your bedroom from upstairs to downstairs or consider adding rails or a stairlift. There are many adjustments you can make to feel more comfortable.

Are you emotionally prepared?

Those who have lived in their home for many years will feel somewhat emotional when they decide to downsize. It might feel like you are leaving behind many happy family memories. However, if downsizing feels like the best option for your retirement, perhaps invite your loved ones to your home to relive those memories as you pack up your belongings.

Benefits of using self storage when downsizing

Try not to get too overwhelmed. Self storage can take the stress away from moving. Below are some of the fantastic benefits of using self storage solutions during the downsizing process.

Simplify the process

The bigger the home, the more belongings you are likely to own. We often subconsciously fill the space by accumulating items over the year – some will be important and some you could get rid of in a heartbeat. The decision of what stays and what goes can be one of the most difficult challenges.

Self storage offers the option to store those belongings you are not sure of but still have the chance to revisit once you are in your new home. It is also a great place to keep your moving items clean, organised and safe while you move.

Save time and money

The sooner you are in your new home, the sooner you will be paying out for much lower expenses. Renting a storage unit from the get-go can make the moving process quicker and easier – getting you comfortable in the new home as soon as possible.

Seasonal space

Downsizing could mean going from a home with a loft full of seasonal belongings to a bungalow without the additional storage space. Self storage can act as an attic for Christmas decorations, camping items or even winter ski equipment. It’s easy to swap out each seasonal item depending on what you need at home and when.

How Apex Self Storage can help you

Downsizing is stressful enough without the confusion of figuring out which of your personal belongings are important enough to keep. Utilising a self storage unit can take away the worry of such decisions.

We will not tie you into a lengthy contract or charge you for space you don’t need. As long as we have the availability, you can transfer to a bigger or smaller unit as and when you need to, at no extra cost. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can downsize for retirement. .