Self Storage Facts: Debunking the Myths about Self Storage

According to common self storage facts, self storage has a reputation for meeting the needs of those who require storage space.

According to common self storage facts, self storage has a long-standing history and reputation for meeting the needs of those who require additional storage space. Storage units can make space for personal belongings, important work documents and business stock conveniently and efficiently.

With the perfect offering of high security and the option to select a storage space size that suits you, self-storage solutions provide many amenities. You might already have a clear understanding of what self-storage entails, but this article debunks the myths that surround misconceptions in the industry. 

You have the freedom to store any item you wish

While you have the opportunity to store a variety of items in your storage unit, you will not have the ultimate freedom to keep anything you wish. There are rules and regulations around health and safety limiting what you can and can’t store. 

Chemicals, batteries and toxic or flammable materials are all forbidden to store in a storage unit. Rules help protect the building and its visitors from danger and risk.

Self storage is for hoarders

Self storage is the perfect resolution for hoarders who require additional space, but it is not limited to such. Self storage is also great for minimalists looking to downsize or students who need space to store belongings during holiday breaks. Having self storage space can benefit everyone.

Self storage is not secure

All modern self storage facilities have security measures, including security alarms, 24-7 surveillance and pin access. Storage units provide more security for your valuables than your own home. Only you have access to your storage, with camera surveillance in every area.

Self storage facilities are not clean

Despite what you may think, high-quality storage units are kept to strict cleaning standards. Our storage units are clear of pests and remain dust-free. We believe that storage facilities should have regular maintenance to limit uncleanliness.

Will you auction my belongings?

While Storage Wars makes for great television, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands. Customer items are only sold if they are overdue by 58 days, in line with the terms and conditions of customer contracts and after we have recorded multiple attempts to contact them.

You must commit to self storage for the long term

Self storage offers the most flexible options to suit the needs of everyone. Whether you need a unit to store your belongings while you move house, or you want your valuables kept somewhere safe forever, short-term and long-term options are available for all. Despite common belief, self storage can be incredibly affordable. 

Apex Self Storage has the perfect space

At Apex Self Storage, we will not tie you into a lengthy contract or charge you for space you don’t need. As long as we have the availability, you can transfer to a bigger or smaller unit as and when you need to, at no extra cost.

Our facilities are secure, clean and regularly maintained, offering storage space for everyone from students to those in retirement looking to downsize. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our self storage facts and facility.